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    Can someone post or email me a screen-shot of Jouon (edit: the BW version)? I need to acquire a copy and I'm torn between BW (easy access, instant passage index, but not fun to read onscreen) and paper ($25 cheaper, easier to read.)

    I want to see how it looks in html format.

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    If I knew how to make a screen shot, I would post one. I have this text on BW and, small the "print" not withstanding, I would not prefer a paper version. Like all BW pop-up resources, it can be hard to read for long periods, but I can copy a chapter/section and view it much larger under "print preview" when my eyes get tired. The links die of course, but it still seems faster than flipping open a paper copy and looking up the same info, and it's one less book to carry when I'm away from my paper library. Peace.

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    Default print vs. chm jouon

    The first image is a scan of pg. 478 out of the printed grammar. The Hebrew's pretty small (IMHO). The second screenshot is of the same page in the BW chm file. In the chm version the Hebrew is in a more readable font, but the layout is not necessarily "pleasing to the eye" given the varied spaces between lines that result from different font sizes. So it depends on your preferences... As far as usability goes, I prefer the BW version for reference use, but if I were to be studying the grammar for a prolonged period of time, reading it from "cover to cover," I'd get the book.

    Of course, you could find a rich benefactor who would be willing to buy both for you! If you find one, let him know about me!

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