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    Default Font Size in Help Files

    I am reviewing my Greek and Hebrew skills, but my 65-year old eyes are having trouble coping with the small font in the modules that are in the *.chm files (Microsoft help files). Does anyone know if there is some way to adjust the size of the type? Much thanks.

    Paul Zetterholm

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    Do you mean the files that pop-up (grammars, dictionaries, etc)? If those are what your talking about, there is not an "official" way to do that (that I know of). However, it can be done by right clicking the text and hitting "select all". Right click again and hit "print preview". It takes a few seconds, but the text will pop up looking rather small. Select the "view full width" at the top, and under "shrink to fit", choose 150% (or the % you prefer). You can advance pages in the text by hitting the arrow at the bottom of the page.
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    Default Very cool!

    That is a very cool trick, sparcusmarcus. I didn't know that one, but it works well!
    Mark G. Vitalis Hoffman
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    Thanks. I hope it helps. I'm taking Greek (Bethel Seminary, MN), and figured this out to help the teacher. He's using Croy's grammar, but even on the overhead it's rather small.
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    l tried this and it works great. Except you have to do this for each chapter at a time, and, of course, you lose the ability to use the links. But it sounds like this is the only solution. Maybe I'll try to find a way to increase the size of the screen itself ???

    Anyway, thanks most kindly for your help. God bless you (real good !)


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