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Thread: Help! - BW closes randomly

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    Default Help! - BW closes randomly

    So I am looking at a Hebrew word. I mouse over it and hold the shift key so I can click the Lexicon entry. I make that screen active, and hold the shift key again.

    I go up to "edit" then "search" to search through the lexicon entry. I type in a word, and BAM!, BW closes???

    Any help?? Please!

    Thanks so much,


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    Default Need to be more specific

    Hi, Eric,

    In order to help you, you'll have to be more specific.
    For example
    1. I was mousing over a Hebrew word in the WTT
    2. I held the shift key down so I could look up the word in the AutoInfo Window.
    3. I have X lexicon as the default Hebrew lexicon.
    4. I right-clicked on the Hebrew word in the WTT and chose Send Lemma to Lexicon Browser.


    Happy to help, but need to know very specific and detailed explanation of what you're doing.

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    Default Clarification

    1. I was mousing over a Hebrew word in the WTT.
    2. I held the shift key down so I could look up the word in the AutoInfo Window.
    3. I have HALOT-I activated the AutoInfo window by clicking in the text.
    4. I held the shift key again and moused up to the "edit" menu in BW.

    5. I selected "Search..."
    6. I type a word to search and clicked "next."
    7. BW closes.

    I think it is a problem with HALOT. I tried to search with all of my other lexicons, and they are fine.

    Also. If you recreate what I said above, and go to Exodus 34:6, try this:

    -Try the above process with rahhum-and just type to search "the".
    -Then try it with on "the" again.
    -THEN try it with erek and search on "the".

    For me, when I try to search on erek, BW closes, but it is fine with the other two.

    Also, for some reason, when I search on the word "truth" on ANY word, BW closes.

    Very strange. So, it seems that HALOT is having a problem. Any suggestions? If you need more clarity let me know.

    Thanks so much for the reply.


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    Default Searching HALOT

    Hi, Eric,

    1. I was able to duplicate the crash with %r<a, in Exod. 34:6. Did it several times. Reason: 'the' does not occur in the entry? Also, noticed that if I checked the "Case Sensitive" option, the search did NOT crash when looking up 'the.'
    2. I was not able to duplicate the crash searching for 'truth.' Didn't create a problem anytime I tried it.
    3. I didn't know know the AIW text was searchable Thanks! I learned something about BW.
    4. I always do my searching in the Lexicon Browser window by Send Verse to Lexicon Browser. A search for 'the' in %r<a,'s lexical entry does not crash the Lexicon Browser window.
    5. So my recommendation, until this bug can be tracked down, would be to do your searching in the LB, to avoid crashing BW.
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    Default Thanks for the suggestion

    That is a great idea. Funny, you never thought of my idea, and I never thought of yours. So it goes with the body of Christ I guess.

    One note on your recreation of the crash. If you do a search on a word that doesn't exist, say if you search for "truth" and it isn't there, it should say that it finished searching, or that there are no occurences, or something to that effect. Normally it doesn't crash BW. But who knows.

    Thanks again so much for your time. I will do my searches with the LB.

    Also, who should I write this to so that they can work on the bug? Are you the man, or should I email them or what.

    Just want to make sure it doesn't get lost in the shuffle.

    Thanks again.



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    Default Reporting the bug

    Hi, Eric,

    BW appears to pay pretty close attention to the forums. However, you can report bugs to They will verify them and pass them on to the appropriate person.

    Glad to have been of some help.

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    Default I was able to repeat the bug as well

    For what its worth, I was able to repeat the crash searching on erek in the AIW HALOT as well. I am running 6.0.010a.

    I was also unaware of the search feature for the AIW! Thanks Eric! I too have used the LB to do searches. Of course the value of the LB is that you can designate whether you are searching Greek, Hebrew or bolded English. This is helpful if you only want to know main entries!


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    Default Fixed

    Hi Guys,

    Actually it never occurred to me that someone would try to search the auto-info text. This is what I would class as an "unitentional" feature. In any case the problem has been fixed and posted. We try to give priority to crash bugs. They are actually pretty rare but today has been a busy day.

    Thanks for the report.

    God bless,

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