I am scheduled to present at BibleTech08 on Digital Resources for Biblical Mapping. I have been blogging on this topic for some time, but I am wondering if any of you have suggestions, complaints, recommendations, wishes, etc. pertaining to this subject that I might use to improve my presentation. Please note that I am focusing strictly on biblical (ie, just OT and NT periods) maps and mapping resources that are intended to be used on a computing device (computer, PDA, etc.) either as a software program or part of a program or as a resource on the internet.
I have my opinions..., but I would be interested in hearing from you.

  1. How are you using digital mapping resources now?
  2. What would you hope to be able to do with such resources? (projecting them, printing, how are you using in classroom/church/synagogue, etc?)
  3. What types of maps do you find most helpful? (Or, what makes a map not useful?) Are there some maps that you find yourself using most often?
  4. Are there features you would like to see/use in a biblical mapping resource, especially given the potential of digital/electronic tools?
Thanks for any comments/suggestions you can share. (You can reply on this forum, or you can go to my blog post where I have also shared this request.)

NOTE: >>>>
To see what I have done so far, the easiest collection of links I have created is here, and here is a summary of that post noting the resources I've been checking.
  • So far, I've looked at map resources in Logos, BibleWorks, eSword, and OnlineBible. (This includes both the resources that come with the programs as well as other user-created addons.) I know there is an Atlas module for Accordance, but I have no experience with this one. (Any comments?)
  • I've spent a good deal of time looking at GoogleEarth and the user-created biblical resources. (cf. OpenBible.info) I have also been reviewing BibleMap.org and Todd Bolen's BiblePlaces.com. (I'm hoping that Todd will be assisting me. He knows a lot more about the actual geography!)
  • I have the HolyLand 3D program, as well as BibleMapper, Interactive Satellite Map of the Holy Land. I have used the older Logos Bible Atlas and the Logos Deluxe Map Set.
  • I am aware of but do not have the programs from Carta, Manna, Nelson's 3D Bible Mapbook, Walking in Their Sandals, or iLumina. (Amy comments?)
  • I have been compiling lists of online collections of biblical maps (eg NTGateway, StudyLight.org, NET and NeXt Bible maps...)