I am using BW7. I downloaded Chinese versions database and had succeeded in displaying the traditional Chinese version. But I do not remember what happened that I am no longer able to display Chinese version. When I selected the "Choose Display Version(s)" item under View menu pulldown, I get the Choose Display Versions window, but there are only 3 language groups English, Greek, and Hebrew with the Show Only Active Languages checkbox checked. When I unchecked the Show Only Active Languages checkbox, there are 4 language groups displayed, English, Greek, Hebrew and Latin. Where are all other language group including Chinese? I email to BW but did not get useful support for my question. So, I would appreciate it if anyone could help me out by bringing Chinese version back.

I have one more question about the usage of BW7. I cannot bring up Hebrew keyboard. I clicked the icon for Bible Works Keyboard Layouts to show the window, but the pulldown menu under Keyboard Layouts does not contain an item for Hebrew language. There are all kinds of languages including Chinese and Greeks. Why Hebrew keyboard layout is missing? Please help. Thanks.

John Chen