Is it possible to link BibleWorks 7 to WordSearch 7 and eventuaaly WordSearch 8 in such a way that it opens my current desktop to the same verse that I am looking at in BibleWorks. For instance, if I am looking at Psalm 100:1 in BibleWorks, I would like to right click on the passage, click a link to open the verse in Wordsearch and have WordSearch open to the same verse.

I can get an external link to work so that when I right-click on a passage in an English Bible in BibleWorks it presents me with a menu option to launch WordSearch 7. Clicking the link launches WordSearch as desired but I can't figure out how to get it to open to the correct verse.

In a similar way, is there a way I can use the external link function to have WordSearch open a Greek or Hebrew reference to the same Greek or Hebrew word I'm looking at in BibleWorks.

I've seen discussions on how to do those things questioned above for Libronix but nothing on WordSeach.