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Thread: "Reverse" Strongs search

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    Default "Reverse" Strongs search

    Does anyone know how I can do a reverse Strongs search?

    The "forward" Strongs search allows me to create a list of highlighted words in the KJV based on verses containing the Hebrew word chesed using Strongs number 02617 (command line search string is .*@02617). I can then build a word list based on this query containing all the English words in the kJV used to translate this Hebrew word.

    But what I want to do is search for all Strongs numbers that are translated merc* in the KJV, and then build a word list (ie, either list of strongs numbers, or list of Hebrew words) based on the results of this query. Building the word list is the part that has me stumped.

    Any thoughts?

    PS - I have BW5

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    Default Not yet ??

    Quote Originally Posted by mrmonty
    Does anyone know how I can do a reverse Strongs search?
    No one else has replied to this yet, so I will take a chance.

    At this time you cannot do exactly what you wanting.

    The chance I am taking is to mention that I am pretty sure I remember this being mentioned as something that was in the works.

    I am sure if I am wrong someone else will no better.
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