I am befuddled by a difference in word count I am finding when searching for a root in QST/QSM and then comparing those results to Abegg's Dead Sea Scrolls Concordance (Leiden: Brill, 2003).

I am trying to find all instances of shabbat ("Sabbath") in QST. I put this on the command line with QSM as my search version:

(My apologies for the lack of Hebrew, but I don't remember how to include fonts in the forums.)

I get 276 hits, but this is far larger than Abegg's data, which is 185 hits for shabbat. Even allowing for homonymic consonantal roots, the numbers are still quite disparate. (The only word which would be confused here according to Abegg is shebet, "idleness, cessation," which according to Abegg only occurs 2x.)

One presumption I have is that QST/QSM and Abegg's Concordance cover the same manuscripts. Is that incorrect?