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Thread: Chinese CUV

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stella Chu View Post
    WIll the latest CUV version 2011 be added? It contains a lot of revisions to translation of the old CUV.
    This depends on international copyright laws. BibleWorks tries not to charge extra for Bible versions. If a version is in the public domain, it comes at no cost. But often the copyright holders of new versions require a substantial fee for their use. Unless a lot of people request the new CUV, the cost would be too much to include in the base package for everyone.
    You may make a request to include the 2011 CUV here Ideas/Suggestions: Click here and see how many others want it included.
    Mark Eddy

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    It's really a surprise to be told this news that the Chinese CUV was added to bibleworks,thanks for sharing
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    Quote Originally Posted by marksir View Post
    Thanks so much, BW staff, for adding the Chinese CUV to Bibleworks.

    Although not everything is working for the chinese version (e.g. cut and paste,
    Quote Originally Posted by marksir View Post
    Nox Vidmate VLCfunny characters sometime show up, etc), it is a great add! I know how difficult it is to get the chinese things working.

    Thanks so much, BW team!!!

    One question: is it possible to add "New Chinese Version" without violating the copyright? Can an user added NCV for personal use? Is that ok? Anybody knows the answer?

    Is there any way I can change the font size of the Chinese character?

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