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    Smile Superior support

    As a BibleWorks user, since 1995, having bought my IBM PC in order to use BibleWorks [I had previously been happy with my mighty Atari 1040ST, which I mainly used for Music Notation], I can't tell you how terrific I find the BibleWorks program, but also the mighty and humble support staff, and this sensational user group.

    I also own the Essential IVP Reference Collection.

    For at least a year, I have been attempting to download the Libronix 2.1 system. I have contacted Logos. I have visited user groups. I have read all the installation problem pages, which are many!

    I finally had to find the solution myself, which was very simple, as it turned out.

    But, can you imagine an intractable problem with BibleWorks going unsolved for over a year?

    Gentlemen, Ladies

    I would like to propose a toast!

    Please charge your glasses and drink to

    a great program
    a terrific, unsurpassed standard of after sales service
    your fellow users with all their help and support and knowledge.

    David McKay

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    Default Amen

    I second that.

    cheerio mate!
    Joe Fleener
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    Default Pour me a glass too!

    C h e e r s !

    To a superior staff, fantastic program and a tremendous community!
    Jim Darlack - Associate Director of Goddard Library /
    Reference Librarian at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary

    Gloucester Assembly of God | Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary
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    Default a hearty . . .

    AMEN, and AMEN

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    Question Superior service award

    I have just received some advertising from a terrific Australian music shop, which has received the 2004 Australian Achiever award for excellence in customer service.

    We all know Music On the Move is a terrific shop, and we all know John and Lisa are fantastically helpful, but it is still nice to see them receive the award.

    Is there an equivalent in the US, and if so, can you guys set the wheels in motion for BibleWorks to be nominated, please?

    David McKay

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