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Thread: Bibleworks Command Line Search Shortcuts

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    Question Bibleworks Command Line Search Shortcuts

    Last year for school I had a pdf sheet that summarized how to search various ways of searching on the command line. On a single sheet it showed simple, complex and context searches. I was a great reference tool. I think I downloaded it from a BibleWorks users's personal site where it was posted. I've since misplaced it. Does anyone have a copy or know where I can get another copy?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Here's a link to a list of command line shortcuts in BW6. I don't know how many changes may have been made for BW7.
    Oh the link from my search was this uts
    Mark Eddy

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    An easy way to see this in BW7 is to place the cursor on the command line and then hit F1 to open the help file. It will display the command line shortcuts.
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    Thumbs up Tip of the month for me

    Quote Originally Posted by Michael Burer View Post
    ...cursor on the command line and then hit F1 to... display the command line shortcuts.
    Been using BW since version 3, and never even thought of that, though it's the obvious choice. Thanks for that tip of the month--year?

    Dale A. Brueggemann

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    You can also click the hammer and wrench button next to the command line. It opens a menu. The last item in that menu is "Commandline Examples".

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    See also the most recent 'class room tip' -

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