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Thread: What is a "word" in Hebrew (re: Detailed Stats)

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    Default What is a "word" in Hebrew (re: Detailed Stats)

    I am sure this must be answered somewhere, but I have scoured the Help file (BW7), and this forum, have drawn a blank and am giving up!

    So -- what counts as a "word" in biblical Hebrew as far as the detailed stats window is concerned? Is it any string that gets a "lemma" entry in WTM (my best guess)?

    Thanks for any help with this!


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    What counts as a "word" depends on your search version. If your search version in WTT, then each separate form counts as a word. So prefixes and suffixes added to a stem make it a different "word." In WTM actually a number of different lexicon entries are all found when searching for a given lemma. So a "word" in WTM might include a verb and a noun with the same consonantal spelling. It isn't really all that helpful to talk about "words" in the WTM database.
    Does this help?
    Mark Eddy

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