I've been working my way through the BW7 tutorial videos. I decided a short while back that I want to get everything I can from this program.

I agree with the following statement ...
BibleWorks has offered, for several versions, tutorial videos that demonstrate how to make use of the program. The videos in BibleWorks 7 are better yet, for they have been created from a "task-oriented" point of view, that is, how can I use BibleWorks to make my Bible study better?
... found at the What is the Best way to Learn Bible Works? thread. These have been well worth the time invested.

There's been one interesting side note though, dealing with the "Broca" Region of my brain, that which is involved with phonetic processing. Now when I read the On Line Help text notes, I hear them in the voice of the tutorial videos. It's all good.

I highly recommend these videos to anyone wanting to get the absolute most of this wonderful program.