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Thread: please brothers

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    Default please brothers

    i need the anchor bible ( epistles of john by raymond e. brown ) but for free

    because i am from egypt and can not get it from internet

    so if any body has it , please upload it

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    Default Try Amazon's search inside the book feature

    It would not be ethical for anyone to upload that copyrighted book. You can read significant parts of it, though, if you have an account with and go to You have to have purchased at least one book from them sometime in the past few years. It would be worth doing so for the opportunity to read somewhere around 10-15 percent (just a guess) of this and hundreds or thousands of other books this way.
    For more information on this see the discussion near the top of this page:
    God bless,
    Roy Ciampa

    Roy E. Ciampa, Ph.D.
    Associate Professor of New Testament
    Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary
    130 Essex Street
    South Hamilton, MA 01982

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    thank you very much ,brother Roy

    i just needed the commentary on (1john 5:7) as it gives the citation of st.athanasius to this verse ( i believe it is authentic )

    god bless you

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    Did you ever track down Brown's commentary?

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