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Thread: Recommended Basic Hebrew Grammar Text??

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    Question Recommended Basic Hebrew Grammar Text??

    Now that I am developing some comfort and facilty with NT Greek (I carefully avoid the e=expertise word!), I am toying with the idea of putting my toe in the Hebrew pool.

    I used Mounce's book for Greek, and found it (with the workbook which was essential for stand-alone learners) to be well thought out and enormously helpful.
    The basic Hebrew book I've been looking at is "Basics of Biblical Hebrew: Grammar" by Gary D. Pratico - but I have no idea whether this is a good choice or not. Any advice or suggestions on a Beginners Hebrew Grammar Text (+Workbook) by the BW gurus of OT Hebrew?
    I'm not sure I'll do more than get more than my toes wet in Hebrew, since I still have lots of work to do in Greek, but I know that, at the stage of choosing a text, it is very very helpful to hear from those who have gone before.
    In His Service, Tom D.
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