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Thread: Fair Warning: Way OT - Bruce Lee

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    Default Fair Warning: Way OT - Bruce Lee

    I've been having a great day so far. Thought I'd run of few quicks hits while the wifey and daughters are out have quality estgrogen time.

    The Horror I found! "Enter The Dragon" CANNOT be remade! Blasphemy.

    Nunchucks by someone else!? (*CAUTION: does contain some testosteronish whoopin', much like what Samson, David or one of his 3 Warriors [picture: Benaiah, pit, snowy day, dead lion] hath wrought.)

    "Dear Heavenly Father - Please stop this insanity from reaching the big screen. Amen. ('P.S. Dear Father - Please bless the Redskins' '07/'08 Season. Amen.')"

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    ...and I'm thinking, "'Fair Warning: Way OT - Bruce Lee' did Arthur Way even do an OT?"

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