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My main question is how do I know what to type in the "web page, file to open, or exe to run" dialogue box in the ELM?
That depends on the kind of Libronix resource and how it is indexed. The starting point is here: http://www.logos.com/training/objectmodel and http://www.logos.com/training/weblinking

Also, there is a lot that is not well described in Object Model Reference. For specific inquiries see the Logos automation newsgroup: http://www.logos.com/support/lbs/newsgroups

Now, calling a Libronix grammar from BW--how do you want to call it? To find whether a particular Bible reference is found in it, you could (1) call the Exegetical Guide for that verse and look in the Grammar section (my preference), or (2) call for a search of that resource or collection for a Bible reference.
If you want to put your cursor over a BW original language or mophology text and find the topics for 'Verb', 'Participle', etc. (like BW analysis window shows for its grammars), I don't have a clue. First, you'd have to figure how Libronix would do it itself.