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Thread: Bibleworks 8?

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    Default Bibleworks 8?

    I've used bibleworks 3 before and am thinking about buying a new bibleworks. Should i buy ver 7 now or wait for ver 8? I notice that ver 7 came out Jan 2006 and it seems like the new one can come out beginning of next year. what do you think?

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    If I was you, I wouldn't wait for BW8, because there has not been any announcement when that will come. If you have BW3, BW7 is such an enormous jump in functionality and resources, that you could not possibly regret making the move. And if BW8 was (let's say) a year or two from now, you will get huge benefit from moving to BW7 now. It really is completely better in every way from BW3, whether you are into Greek or Hebrew, or anything else Biblical.

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    There's been no word about 8 on the boards, and there's no beta being tested right now, to my knowledge. I've was a beta-tester for versions 5, 6 and 7. There's no guarantee that I would be again for 8, so I could be wrong.

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    Thank you Ewan and Ben for your help. I didn't want to buy BW7 and see a few months later BW8 in stores. I think I'll buy BW7. Thanks.

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    Lightbulb Bw8?

    G'day doulosxi.

    The BibleWorks developers are terrific people who provide unsurpassed ongoing service for their customers. If you bought BW7 [and you should, because it's terrific] and shortly afterwards BW8 appeared, they would either give it to you if it was very soon after your purchase, or sell you an upgrade at a very attractive price.

    It is expensive [on my budget, anyway] but it is superb value, and I've never encountered the aftersales service anywhere else on any product whatsoever.
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