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Thread: getting cheeky, are we?

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    Default getting cheeky, are we?

    Anyone notice the sudden appearance of a well-brewed cup of coffee on the splash screen, after last update? Are the good folks at BibleWorks taking the mick or what? Ha!

    Makes you wonder though - is that a cup of morning-and-im-just-getting-started coffee or more the have-to-finish-this-ruddy-paper-tonight variety...

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    Default zut alors

    And just as I was growing rather fond of it, it's disappeared again! Pity.

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    Default Disappearing cuppa'

    That cup of coffee only appears if you load BW early enough for your first cuppa'; if you load it later in the day, sorry, no cuppa' for you bubba ;-)

    Earlier on there was quite a debate about whether it was even coffee. Some suggested various other popular early morning drinks.
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    Default splash screen

    And there is yet a different screen if you log on late enough at night!
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    I personally loved it. I thought it was a great touch. Then again, I'm a Peets guy, so....

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    Coffee is only served in the morning!

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    Default Splash Screens

    There are only three splash screen, one for early morning, one for during the day and one for night. Michael Tan wanted to add one showing a plate of Tater Tots (for maybe 5 minutes a day) but we haven't decided yet of the advisability of that. Gotta keep a sense of humor.


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    Default to each his own

    Then again, folks tend to like different things, don't they? In this day and age where personal choice and customer satisfaction are the key words to success, surely BibleWorks should consider providing for the diverging needs of people splash screen-wise, no less than it has when it comes to program content!

    Over here in the Netherlands, for example, Protestantism in its more orthodox forms has long been associated with the consumption - in modest measures, I hasten to add - of Dutch gin. No proper reformed dominee should be without! A four o'clock splash screen with a good old earthenware jug of jenever would certainly add great cheer to the at times arduous task of figuring out proper command line codes.

    And the wonderful options there are, once you start to think about it! All those Vulgate readers out there - surely they would love to see a plate of fish on fridays, and in Lent. Oh, make that gefilte fish for JPS users. Might be a bit more work getting all the jewish holidays in there... but then, all things excellent are as difficult as they are rare.

    Makes a new Philo morphological database pale by comparison, it does!

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    Default re: "Gotta keep that sense of Humor"

    "Gotta keep that sense of humor"...

    Eyes more brightened, heart more strengthened, faith more precious, courage more fiery, and happiness tank more full as I navigate with and wonder at this most excellent tool you all have made. My understanding of the Word and my love for Christ are both ever growing--thank you!

    Feeding my sense of humor as you have done has played a part in keeping my focus upon Him rather than circumstances. Laughter truly is a potent medicine.

    Joyfully About Our Father's Business,

    Psalm 100

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    Default Splash Screen Timing?

    I would love to enjoy my coffee a little longer. Is there a way to regulate the timing on the splash screens? My cup is always empty by 9:00 am.

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