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Thread: Problem with Palatino Linotype Greek

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    Default Problem with Palatino Linotype Greek

    I've been using it fine and happily. Suddenly, it all looks like this:

    ~O presbu,teroj evklekth/| kuri,a| kai. toi/j te,knoij auvth/j( ou]j evgw. avgapw/ evn avlhqei,a|( kai. ouvk evgw. mo,noj avlla. kai. pa,ntej oi` evgnwko,tej th.n avlh,qeian(
    ...and copies into Editor like this:

    \u8182? \u7952?\u957? \u7936?\u955?\u951?\u952?\u949?\u8055?\u8115?, \u954?\u945?\u8054? \u959?\u8016?\u954? \u7952?\u947?\u8060? \u956?\u8057?\u957?\u959?\u962? \u7936?\u955?\u955?\u8048? \u954?\u945?\u8054? \u960?\u8049?\u957?\u964?\u949?\u962?
    The only thing that I think has changed is I updated Logos; sometimes BW's SBL fonts have affected Logos' display. I don't know of any reverse problems.

    Ideas, suggestions? Thanks in advance.

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    Anyone? Anyone?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Dan Phillips View Post
    Anyone? Anyone?
    Dan, you've probably tried the obvious, but just in case...

    Have you restarted BW? And if that doesn't work, have you done a clean reboot?

    If those don't work, you might try to revert to an earlier version of BW by holding down the shift key when you start BW.

    If none of these work, punt!

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    Thanks, Scott, I appreciate that. Often, the obvious is too obvious, and so, is correct! However, in this case, I did all of that except reverting to an earlier version. Since I need that Palatino, evidently, for use in my Greek blog, I guess that's next.

    Unless BW staff has a better suggestion?

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