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    Default Calvin's Commentaries Old Testament

    Calvin's commentaries (Old Testament) for BW is available at the following address:

    Again this is the result of the hard work and great effort of mr Willem Swanepoel of Krugersdorp in Sout Africa. And this really was a hard work. Great thanks to Willem.

    He is already busy with the commentaries on the New Testament.

    Enjoy it!

    In Christ,
    Attie Bogaards

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    Thanks so much for these modules.

    One problem:

    I renamed each file as Pasquale instructed, and modified the CHD file. Then I placed them into the 'databases' directory and launched BibleWorks. The resource came up fine, but it does not display any content in the HTML window.

    I think that this is because the SDX file is looking for "calvin.chm", where the name has been changed to "calvinOT.chm". Am I correct that the content of SDX file needs to be changed as well as the CHD content? If so - how is that changed, since the SDX is not a simple text-file? I suspect it needs to be recomipled, and am not familiar with that procedure.

    Thanks again, guys!
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    Steve Watkins
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    That did it!

    Thanks so much, Pasquale.

    And many thanks to Willem for the creation of this module, and to Attie and Pasquale and all the others who do so much work that we all benefit from.

    It is greatly appreciated!
    Steve Watkins
    First Baptist Church, San Lorenzo Valley

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    Default Patch for Calvin Commentaries OT

    I have uploaded a patch at with the following message:

    You must rename the calvin.chm to calvinot.chm
    Downoad the following patch: Download
    There is two files in the zip file: calvinot.chd and calvinot.sdx
    Copy these two files plus calvinot.chm to c:\program files\bibleworks\databases


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    Smile posting to BibleWorks blog?

    Hi Attie,

    We can post the revised files as a zip file to the BibleWorks blog if you like. If not, we can simply link to your page.

    Jim Darlack - Associate Director of Goddard Library /
    Reference Librarian at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary

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    All right (sigh). What did I do wrong?

    Here's what I have in databases:

    calvin.chd 1KB
    calvin.chm 2591KB
    calvin.sdx 72KB
    calvinot.chd 1KB
    calvinot.sdx 532KB

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