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This remark on Yiddish is interesting

Linguistically, Yiddish is largely based on Middle High German with some Hebrew words and other words from languages like Polish, etc., in it. It is commonly written in Hebrew letters. Yiddish is the language of Jewish people in Eastern Europe but is also heard in Israel, USA due to migration waves now and then.

Some years ago, I was paying a visit to Kraków City in Poland. In the streets, I found some old houses bearing the names of their (former?) (Jewish?) owners in Yiddish - engraved in the wall and publicly visible in the street.

I have some difficulties understanding Yiddish if spoken too fast despite some knowledge of German.
Muhammad, you are one interesting guy, and I mean that sincerely! It is wonderful to see how traveled and knowledgable of other cultures you are! That is very impressive! I'd love to know your background. Do you speak any Hebrew or Arabic? I hope you don't mind my inquisitiveness.