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Thread: Linking full Kittel

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    Default Linking full Kittel

    Can somebody tell me if it possible to link BW with the full Kittel (TDNT) and the dictionary of Gesenius in Libronix and how?

    Attie Bogaards

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    Default Linking to Kittel in Libronix

    For a variety of links see this thread:

    A summary is at post#97:

    Try the following, which is similar to the BDAG lookup in the above post. It sends a Greek lemma to Libronix Text Key Link for TDNT.
    I copied the following from my shellexec.txt in the BibleWorks INIT subdirectory. You can paste it into that file.
    // External Link #11
    [Logos-TDNTLink 5/21/07]
    Operation = Open
    Directory = NULL
    File = libronixdls:macro|name=TextKeyLink|text=<dummy>|la ng=el|scheme=beta|res=LLS:TDNT
    Parameters = NULL
    MenuLocation = Browse Window Greek
    TextType = Greek Text
    MapToVersion = BGT
    Lookup = Lemma
    MenuText = Logos-TDNT Link
    Enabled = 1

    Or use the BW menu Resources/Edit External Links and fill in the appropriate boxes.

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    Default This works...

    Thanks, Greg. Just a couple things:
    1) On your "file =..." line, if you cut/paste, be sure to remove the space in la_ng >> i.e., it should be ...lang=el...
    2) Also, on the MapToVersion, use =NULL
    MapToVersion = NULL

    I find it easier to use the edit external links tool within BW, and it should look something like this:
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    Default Thanks

    Thank you for the help Greg and Mark.

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