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    Lightbulb Outline Questions...

    1) Is it possible to have several headings in an outline reference the same verse?

    For example, I want to add the outlines from the Spirit of the Reformation Study Bible to BW. Here's what the beginning of Genesis looks like:

    I. The Primeval History (1:1-11:9)
    A. Prologue: Creation of the Heavens and the Earth (1:1-2:3)
    B. Account of the Heavens and the Earth (2:4-4:26)
    1. Adam and Eve on Probation (2:4-25)
    2. The Fall and Its Consequences (3:1-24)
    3. Escalation of Sin in the Line of Cain (4:1-24)
    4. Godly Remnant (4:25-26)
    C. Account of Adam's Genealogy (5:1-6:8)

    I know that I need to add the verse reference to the beginning of the text file, but is it going to be possible to do this outline in BW, since each new level references the initial reference in its parent?

    2) Is it now possible to create outlines for Westminster, Josephus, etc?
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    Post outlines outside of the Biblical texts?

    Quote Originally Posted by Dogfish Jones
    2) Is it now possible to create outlines for Westminster, Josephus, etc?
    The answer to this is no right? I was playing around with it the other day and I certainly couldn't figure out a way to make it work like I wanted it to...

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