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    Default it will work, but a few provisos

    Quote Originally Posted by pasquale View Post
    This is the first part of Lemmatizer - Latin Wordform Lemmatizer - letter A to E release 1, it works with Latin Bible (VUL, VUC, VUN):

    Istituto di Linguistica Computazionale

    CHLT LEMLAT is going to be a computational instrument for the morphological analysis of the Latin, whose results are compatible with the requirements of the project CHLT.

    It works with Bibleworks from Extermal LinK Manager.

    My computer is broken, please test it (times to open and navigate - too slowly???)


    Link for download (3 megabyte)
    Make sure you have the latest BW EXE!

    (1) Rename the file to lemmatizer.chm vs. lAmmatizer.chm
    (2) Copy file to the subdirectory in BibleWorks called "databases"
    (3) Edit the ELM Link

    keep in mind it only works on words beginning with A-E.

    It does indeed work for me. Not the most speedy way, but it is another helpful addition.
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