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Hi BW 7.0 Users,
my biblework is 7.0 version and i update the cux version and apply to my software,but it show nothing about chinese bible version in my version viewer ,where i can find it...
PS:i already set the language and region setting ..
Are you running Windows XP or Vista?
If you are running XP, you needed to download CUSX or CU5X.
CUS and CU5 are for Vista only. If you downloaded the wrong database, it will not work on your computer.
In order to see if you downloaded the correct version, at the top of the browse window you can click on the arrow to the right of the little window where the search version abbreviation is displayed (for example: BGT). A dropdown list will show all the versions which you have installed. Look to see if CUS, CU5, CUSX or CU5X is there.
Mark Eddy