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Thread: BW 7.0: Chinese, Korean and Arabic Downloads

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    Default Installing Support for Far Eastern Languages

    Instructions for installation of support for Far Eastern languages (as well as the right-to-left support, required for the Arabic Bible) can be found in the following Customer Support FAQ.

    In that posting I added the step of inserting the Windows XP installation CD into the drive because some, like myself, may have left these options unchecked at the time of upgrading to Windows XP.

    I found that if I was prompted by the system to insert the CD to find the files needed, I was also required to point to the folder where the file would be found. I cancelled out of that and started the process again with the CD already in the drive. With the CD already in the drive, it found the file it needed automatically, without user intervention. If you are sure that all of the files are already on the PC (such as those cases where Windows XP was already installed on the PC when it was purchased,) then inserting the CD can be skipped.

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