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    Default BW 7.0: Chinese, Korean and Arabic Downloads

    Hi BW 7.0 Users,

    We did not receive sufficient response for our request for people to help test the new Korean, Chinese and Arabic versions in BibleWorks, so we are going to just make a semi-public release. These files are available for free to all 7.0 users. To download them open the updater in BibleWorks 7 as usual. Then enter the accesscode "fareast" (and yes, I know Arabic is not Fareast). Just append it to whatever codes you already have (with an intervening space). Once you do that you will see the following posts:

    1. AVD and AVX - new versions of the Van Dyke Arabic Bible. AVX is for Windows XP and AVD is for Vista.
    2. CU5 and CU5X - The Chinese Union Bible in Big 5 Character Set format. CU5 is for Vista and CU5X is for Windows XP.
    3. CUS and CUSX - The Chinese Union Bible using the "Simplified" Character Set. CUSX is the XP Versions.
    4. KOR - This is a Public domain Korean Bible. Unless we have reports of problems this version will be he same on Vista and XP.
    5. BibleWorks 7.0.018w - a new executable version with Chinese and Korean support.
    6. A new Online Help file. Please see Chapter 18b for details on using these new versions.

    You will have to add Right to Left and Far East Language support before using these versions in XP. Your version of Vista may or may not need to have this added. We run Vista Ultimate and these items are installed by default. This not true on XP. You will also need to add Keyboards to support Chinese and Korean. If you have used Chinese and Korean already on Windows you likely have done this already.

    Note that this release has different support for Arabic than the release last week. This one uses the system IME just like Chinese and Korean.

    Please be sure to read the new section 18b carefully before using these new versions. Report problems or suggestions here.

    We are implementing this with a unique access code to protect people who do not want to mess with the new executable until it has been thoroughly tested. The changes required to support these complex languages were extensive and the possibility of introducing new bugs is real. But we will fix them as fast as we can. We hope these new versions are helpful to our Korean, Chinese and Arabic users.
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