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Thread: Verse references in user module

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    Unhappy Verse references in user module

    I am assisting a friend in putting an OT commentary on BibleWorks as an HTML help file. I am having problems with verse references, despite having followed the instructions to the letter.

    For instance: The tagging process tags a verse, Ps. 62:10, in the commentary but when the mouse moves over the reference verse 9 pops up for the KJV.

    However, the same reference appears in the Matthew Henry commentary (see chapter on Deut. 17), but here verse 10 pops up correctly.

    The same happens to many other references. Has anybody seen the same problem?

    Willem Swanepoel
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    Default Edit the bwjs file

    This is because the script used to tag the verses by default is using the Hebrew Bible to tag the verses, which is no problem in a number of instances, but especially in the Psalms is somewhat problematic. However, if you open up the bwjs file in a text editor, you can replace the versions which you will find listed as WTT BNT LXT to KJV KJV RSV. I believe these correspond to OT refs, NT refs, Apocrypha ref's. So update the bwjs file and recompile and you should find the verses line up correctly.
    Michael Hanel
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    Smile Thanks!

    Hi Michael,
    Thank you very much for the quick response. I shall try this out, but first I shall have to find out what translation was used for the references in my original commentary.

    Kind regards,

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