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    In order to use the newly active scripture links in NET notes and lexicons in the AI window, I have rearranged BW. I have set my notes to use floating windows. BW occupies the top half of my screen, and the bottom half is in thirds- One for my notes window, one for the cloned AI window and one for the secondary scripture window that opens from AI links. I'm having two problems I'd like to see addressed.

    1) In the closed AI window, I sometimes get NET notes cut off. Only the first footnote of any verse will appear, and only a line or two of that, and it cuts off mid-word sometimes. I'm not sure why this happens, but it does fairly frequently.

    2) When the window opens with the linked scriptures (links from the AI window), my notes change. This isn't necessarily bad, as it brings up whatever notes I have on the linked scripture. However, what if I'm trying to keep my original notes open? In order to reload my notes on the main passage (e.g. the verse in the results window), I have to click back in the results window and go back and then forward a verse. I'd like to see either a way to freeze the notes to only the results window verse OR notes keyed to whatever window is active- Click in results window, and notes open to that verse. Click in the secondary scripture window, and the notes change to that verse. I think I'd prefer the first, but either would be great.
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    I have played around with similar arrangements, but haven't preferred this. I do use the secondary windows frequently. However, I would like the ability to have my notes stay in the note window I am working on rather than follow my search results.

    I would suggest, if possible, to be able to toggle, like in the results window, with "b'', etc. but it would probably have to be f8 or f9 or whatever, between the notes window staying put or following the verses one is looking at. I don't know a thing about making it work, but have written several very good, holy and helpful notes that are connected with some verse somewhere in the Bible, but not connected to the verse I meant them to be connected with.


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