Sorry if this turns out to be a stupid question, but I have them from time to time.

I'm running Windows Vista Business and my 7.0.018j:1 executable file will not allow me to do a web update. I remember in the old days of BibleWorks that I'd just download patches and then double-click the patches to install them. No problem, so I go ahead and download the current 7.018k patch and put a copy in my C:\Program Files\BibleWorks 7 directory. I then use the Vista incarnation of File Explorer to waltz over to this folder and I double-click on the rev1_exe_release_7018k.pbn file and the operating system throws up a window asking me what program I want to use to open this file. What would I be wanting to open the patch set with?

This may all happen automagically with XP, but I may have to do something that I'm not yet aware of with Vista to make this all go. Does anyone have a clue?

Thanks in advance,