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Thread: BW 7.0: Executable Update

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    Default BW 7.0: Executable Update

    Update: BibleWorks Executable (7.018h)
    Date: 03/19/07 at 16:07:55

    This patch contains the latest BibleWorks 7.0 program executable. This patch adds support for the new Arabic version (AVD and AVX). Although this is a preview version it is necessary if you want to use the Arabic version. See the post information with those versions. Major changes had to be made to handle Arabic so this version of the executable may have undiscovered bugs. Use only if you want to help debug or you need access immediately to the Arabic.

    This is a PREVIEW version intended for TESTING purposes. To access the update you must enter the word "preview" (no quotes) in the Updater Access Code Window, accessed from the Options Menu. If you are not comfortable running a preview version you can wait until the changes are tested and a non-preview version is posted. This will usually not take more than a day or two.

    If you have problems with this update please post a reply to this message on the BibleWorks Forum in the Program and Database Updates section. If you post a response elsewhere we may not see it. Please do not use this section to post messages about anything but this update.


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    I don't know if it was just me or if anyone else experiences this, but on doing the updates, it downloaded and was updating and did not yet get to the box where it asks to restart when BW crashed. I then restarted it and it opened to the new version properly and otherwise seems properly updated.

    Update: Installed the patches on a different computer and no problems. Must have been random hiccup.
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    Default Old English after install

    After installing this executable update the NAS version of my Browse window is showing in Old English (Methinks Thy Shouldest nottest have updatest thine version this dayeth).

    It is only a problem with the chapter that was open when I updated and restarted BW (the rest of NAS is fine) and is not affecting other display versions. NAS is the second display version I have open behind the King James. I tried removing the KJV thinking something was crossed - no luck. I've tried resetting INI and other files (option 1 on startup) to no avail. I've rebooted, restarted, reverted to older versions without success?!

    I also downloaded the Van Dyke and Maps at the same time.

    Any ideas?

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    I just downloaded the latest update and after updating I get this version number: 7.0.018m.2. Is this right? Since the link said h?

    Just curios.

    Keep up the good work.
    Ken Neighoff
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