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    Back in the old BW3.5, I could type in a code on the command line that allowed me to generate a series of verses that appeared in the verse list box. For instance, when I am exegeting a chapter, I would type in something like Ecc 1:1-1:18. However, I am using BW 6 on a laptop with XP Pro (service pack 2) and that command does not seem to work any longer.

    Has the syntax changed, or is there still a way to do this.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

    Ron Snider

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    Default Creating a Series of Consecutive Verses in Verse List Manager

    As BibleWorks has developed over the years, some techniques that were possible in earlier versions have been replaced in later versions by techniques or features that accomplish the same result. Creating a list of consecutive verses, such as could be done in BibleWorks 3.5 from the Command Line, can now be accomplished with the Verse List Manager. This applies to BibleWorks 5, 6 and 7.
    • In BibleWorks, open the Verse List Manager.
    • In the lower, left-hand corner of the box, type the verse range desired, e.g. Gen 1:1-10, then click the ADD button.
    • It should be in the window for the Main Verse List.
    • In the Verse List Manager window, click EXPORT, then EXPORT TO CC (BW5 & 6) or EXPORT TO SEARCH WINDOW (BW7)
    • Again, in the Verse List Manager window, click IMPORT, then CURRENT CC VERSE LIST (BW5 & 6) or ENTIRE SEARCH WINDOW VERSE LIST (BW7.)
    • Delete the verse range entry, still in the list, if desired.
    You can now export this verse list to the BibleWorks Editor or other applications where desired.

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