We just posted the following new databases. They are free for the downloading for all BibleWorks 7.0 users.

1. The Van Dyke Arabic Bible. Copyright (c) 1998-2005, Arabic Bible Outreach Ministry, P.O. Box 486, Dracut, MA 01826. This is available in two versions, "AVX" for Windows XP and "AVD" for Windows Vista. Neither Windows XP nor Vista handle Arabic correctly, though Vista is by far the better of the two. Because the two versions sort Arabic words differently, the same version database cannot be used on both systems. Version 7.0.018h or later of the program is necessary. This is a "preview" version because of the number of changes we had to make to support Arabic. See the previous executable post. After you have AVX/AVD installed take a look at the version info for details on how to use the version.

2. The William Hone translation of the New Testament Apocrypha. The version ID is HON.

3. The Apocryphal New Testament translated by Montague Rhodes James. It is availabe as an HTML Help module. Look under Resources | Miscellaneous. Some of the texts have been extracted and compiled as a BibleWorks version with the ID "JAM". This text has been newly scanned and double proofed by a company under contract to us so it should be in very good shape.

4. You will also need to get the latest Book Names list, posted separately at the same time. These add book names for the NT Apocrypha.

Thanks for using BibleWorks. We are thankful that the Lord has blessed us sufficiently to enable us to provide these to our users without additional charge. Enjoy!

God bless,
Mike Bushell for the BibleWorks
Programming and Support Staff