As I have mentioned before I am thinking about patching together a BibleWorks version of Saaida Gaon's arabic translation (in Hebrew characters). Having looked through some help files, however, I'm not quite sure how I would create a text in Hebrew characters as a plain text file for the compiler.

I glanced at some of the wonderful work Michael Hanel has done - kol ha-kavod for which! - and got an idea of how it would work with a Greek text; but have no idea how to proceed with right-to-left scripts like Hebrew, Syriac or Arabic. Could anyone give me some advice or point me to a FAQ on this?

I'm also very happy with Brian Beers's efforts to bring us the Qur'an in Shakir's translation; it's made me think of the possibility of making an Arabic Qur'an, as well. That would be a more complicated task yet, though, because it would require full Arabic vowel pointing as well.


- Martijn Buijs