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Thread: Flashcard set .vrc file for Kelley, 'Biblical Hebrew'

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    Red face Flashcard set .vrc file for Kelley, 'Biblical Hebrew'


    Apologies if this is a request that has appeared before - but does anyone have a set of .vrc files corresponding to the end-of-chapter vocabulary lists in Kelly's 'Biblical Hebrew'?



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    I don't have the book, but I'd be glad to help with technical guidance. Really all you need to do is save a copy of the Hebrew Vocab list that comes with BibleWorks, giving it a name like KellyHebrew. You'll see that each word in the list has a chapter number. Find each vocab word for chapter 1 in the list and set its chapter number to 1, then do the same for each chapter. Once you are finished you can sort your list by chapter and your done. Then you can share your new KellyHebrew flashcard set with your classmates.

    So if anyone out there has already done the work, you can share your flashcard set with Steve.


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