How can the feature expressed in the printed Englishman's Concordance be obtained in BW6?

I.e. In Englishman's Concordance (EC) you can look up a word as found in your bible (I.e. LOVE) and find each Hebrew and Greek word that has been translated into the English word LOVE in your bible translation/version.

Below I give a fake example of what I'm trying to say EC does: (In this example I've looked up LOVE and see that two Hebrew words have been translated as love in my bible as have two Greek words.)


FGJYpol - Hebrew word meaning affection (See Psalms 2:1, Song 3:3)

opqwdd - Hebrew word meaning romantic love (See Exodus 12:45, Deut. 1:33)

jdhiuyy - Greek word meaning affection (See Matt. 12:15, Luke 5:12)

eoxm - Greek word meaning romantic love (See Matt 12:24, Mark 5:5)

How can I glean the same information from BW? If this feature is not in BW, can it be added in the future?