Hi BW Users,

Work has finally been started on the Philo improvements. As many of you know the text which we got from the Philo Group had only rudimentary tagging, with ambiguities in the lemmas not resolved in most cases. This was not their fault. Their primary aim was to produce a concordance, not a tagged text. They did a good job on the tagging with limited resources. We promised a project to correct the remaining issues. It has now started and the first corrections have been posted (some 30,000 changes in this first post). Eventually the tagging will be brought into line with the high quality of the Josephus and LXX morphology databases. We will not be making posts to the forum indicating updates as they will be very frequent for a while. We are thankful for J.N. Aletti and Andrzeij Gieniusz for undertaking this revision. This is an important database for NT studies and having high quality tagging is important.

God bless,