As most of you know today is official release day for Vista, although it has been available for the last month to business customers. If you are upgrading to Vista or buying a new machine with Vista preinstalled, you will need to reinstall BibleWorks following the instructions located at this url:

Basically what you will do is install BibleWorks from your CDs and then before running BibleWorks apply the patch that can be downloaded at the above location. Please follow the instructions carefully.

Patches are being provided for BibleWorks 6 and 7. A Vista installation CD will be made available by the end of the summer. Until then this patch provides what you need to run BW 6 or 7 under Vista.

Versions of BibleWorks before 6.0 are not supported on Vista.

We have spent several weeks now with Vista and believe that BibleWorks now works well with the new Windows release. We cannot, however, recommend Vista yet to our users. It is not, in our opinion, ready for commercial release. The level of backwards compatibility is very low. You can expect to lose a lot of programs in the switch and many of the programs that work are going to have problems. The new security features are somewhat Draconian and very intrusive. Our recommendation is to wait until the first service pack is released later this year. Even then we recommend staying with XP as long as you can unless you have a specific reason to switch - or unless Microsoft reconsiders some of the more intrusive security features. I hope they do, for their sake as well as ours and yours.

We will be very interested to hear the opinions of those of you who do choose to update.

God bless,
Mike Bushell
BibleWorks, LLC