Update: Targum Files (7.017h)
Date: 01/16/07 at 21:53:56

This patch contains the latest BibleWorks 7.0 Targum databases. The main change is a correction to the versification in Zechariah. In parallel with this a new executable has been posted. This new executable adds superscript markers to Targum variants. The numbers correspond to the numbers in the CAL database. There is also a new option in Tools | Choose Targum Variant Colors which permits you to set the colors for the variants. You should turn off the Targum color file options or delete the color files as they are no longer needed and will conflict with the new options. The files to delete are: tar.clr, tam.clr, cgt.clr, cgm.clr, ftt.clr, ftm.clr, nft.clr, nfm.clr, nmt.clr, nmm.clr, pjt.clr, and pjm.clr.

This is a NOT a preview version. No access code is needed to download this patch.

If you have problems with this update please post a reply to this message on the BibleWorks Forum in the Program and Database Updates section. If you post a response elsewhere we may not see it. Please do not use this section to post messages about anything but this update.