Update: QSM Qumran Sectarian Texts (7.0.017d)
Date: 01/08/07 at 17:28:03

This patch contains the latest QSM update. The update corresponds to release 2.8 from Dr. Abegg (and Accordance). See the <QSM 28 Read me.txt> file for details (in the databases folder).

This is a PREVIEW version intended for TESTING purposes. To access the update you must enter the word "preview" (no quotes) in the Updater Access Code Window, accessed from the Options Menu. If you are not comfortable running a preview version you can wait until the changes are tested and a non-preview version is posted. This will usually not take more than a day or two.

If you have problems with this update please post a reply to this message on the BibleWorks Forum in the Program and Database Updates section. If you post a response elsewhere we may not see it. Please do not use this section to post messages about anything but this update.