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    Default Calvin's Institutes

    Beveridge translation, appears under the Miscellaneous menu and Resource Summary. Original electronic text from

    Windows installation module here:

    Or a plain zip file here:
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    Default Thanks!

    Thank you for this post! I especially love the self-extracting format - it's very professional looking!

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    A couple bugs on my end. Once opened, if I navigate away from the very nice intro screen with the picture and 4 books on it in the browser screen, I can't get back to that again because it doesn't appear in the left hand side of the screen, where there are only Book 1, 2, 3 and 4 links.

    Also when on the Book itself, I see the nice chapter briefs, but on my computer they are cut off on the margin. I can't scroll to the right to continue reading them, so even on the widest viewing possible on my screen I can't read anything past the world "ourselves" because it's off the right edge of my screen.

    Otherwise it looks like you did a really nice job!
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    Thanks for the feedback - will look into those interface issues.

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    Thank you for this module.

    I've just finished installing (.msi) with no problems and have navigated through some verses and selected the Institute links.

    It worked great. This will be a treasured resource.

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    Nice resource! Thanks for putting it together. However, I didnít know it existed because it wasnít on the Bibleworks blog. I image many others would like to know about this file; could you add it to the blog?

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    Default Thank you!

    I got it.
    Thank you for sharing.
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