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Thread: Link BW7 ----> Libronix Luther's Works

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    Default Link BW7 ----> Libronix Luther's Works

    I would like to link to Libronix's Luther's Works from BW7. I am able to get it(Libronix) to launch, but I don't get any search matching done (maybe this is not possible with this product?). I have created a collection in Libronix for this purpose. Here is some detail.
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    Please advise if you have any suggestions.


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    If you're looking to see whether Luther refers to a particular verse, the following will open Libronix and set it up. You just have to hit enter after the search dialogue appears.

    Copy the following into the "Webpage, file, or executable to run" verbatim, and add the name of your luther collection after "collection-name="

    libronixdls:dialog|name=SearchBasic|search=bible in "<Book> <Chapter>:<Verse>"|collection-name=

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    Default Luther's Works

    Hi Pete and Ben,

    I have tried to link Luther's works as well but with no success. I also have Baker's NT commentaries that I am trying to get to work.
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    Default Luther's Works

    OK. Thanks anyway guys.

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    Quote Originally Posted by peterbu View Post
    OK. Thanks anyway guys.
    Odd, by doing the same function as Ben (libronixdls:dialog|name=SearchBasic|search=bible in "<Book> <Chapter>:<Verse>"|collection-name=Luther) ~ assumes you've named your collection of Luther's Works "Luther"), I can get this to work just fine as well. Why would it work for some, but not others?
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    Default New and need help with Luther's works.

    Just obtained Bible Works and I followed the above suggestions to link to Luther's Works. luther's Works loads and the search screen appears but below is in the search box.
    bible in "<Book> <Chapter>:<Verse>

    Fixed it.
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    Default One change I've done . . .

    I also got it to work by using "Luther" as my collection name. However, under "Menu Location or Event", I have selected "Browse Window All" so that I can highlight a verse and do a LW search from anywhere.


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    Default Link to Luther's Works

    Any updates on this thread? I am a new BibleWorks user and, by using the suggestions in this thread, can get Logos to open but it will not search my Luther's Works collection.



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    Default One thing to check...

    Hi there, SES!!!
    One thing to check: the executable line doesn't like spaces. If you named your collection "Luther Works" I'm guessing it won't work. Use a single word or at least no spaces.
    That's also why even in listing book/chapter/verse, I think you need:


    That is, %20 is the hex code for a space and %3A is the hex code for a colon.

    Maybe it helps?
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    With the kind and gracious assistance of MGVH, we were able to get Luther's Works to link w/BB7 in two different (and very useful) ways. In both cases, my Logos library of Luther's Works is named "Luther", so make the necessary alterations if your library has a different name.

    To link a search by verse:

    libronixdls:dialog|name=SearchBasic|search=%22<Boo k>%20<Chapter>%3A<Verse>%22|collection-name=Luther

    To link a search by words/terms:

    libronixdls:dialog|name=SearchBasic|search=<dummy> |collection-name=Luther


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