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Thread: Lexicon Snafu: Redux

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    Default Lexicon Snafu: Redux

    Are folks still having a problem with words changing when switching from one lexicon to another after using "Lookup Lemma in Lexicon Browser"? I have updated with the recent executable patches (using 15w), but the problem still exists. Strangely, this does not happen when using Hebrew. Many thanks. --Joe
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    I have the same problem.
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    I'm using 15y and the problem is still there. I know that the programer who would address this was at the SBL conferences and has been working on getting a few more promised add-on databases ready, so that they can get out the 6th CD soon (It's already being advertized). So the programer probably hasn't addressed this issue yet. If someone would like to send a detailed report to the "support" e-mail address, it might help remind them to look into this.
    Mark Eddy

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    This is on our list of things to fix and we're working through the list as fast as we can. In the mean time I've found a work around:
    1. Right click on Greek word and choose "Lookup Lemma in Lexicon Browser" as usual.
    2. Before switching lexicons in the Browser window, first click on the word that appears in the list on the left. You won't notice anything happen when you do this, but that properly registers the word so you can switch lexicons but see the correct entry in the new lexicon.

    I hope that's better than nothing until we have a chance to solve it more permanently.

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    Default Lexicon Swicth Fix

    A fix for this issue was just posted. Look for version 7.0.017g or later. Sorry it took so long. Let us know if you have problems with the fix.


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