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Thread: Problems typing Greek Unicode in Editor

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    do you have to type the accent/breathing before or after the vowel?

    The answer seems to be yes.

    Can you use both accent and breathing or do you have to use a combination?

    You can use just a breathing mark, just an accent or both. (the keyboard map is at that website (
    vowel + ; = acute
    vowel + [ = circumflex accent
    vowel + ] = grave accent
    vowel + ' = smooth breathing mark
    vowel + " = rough breathing mark
    vowel + = = smooth breathing mark and circumflex
    vowel + + = rough breathing mark and circumflex
    vowel + \ = smooth and grave
    vowel + | = rough and grave
    vowel +/ = smooth and acute
    vowel + ? = rough and acute
    vowel + { = iota subscript

    Does the resulting character show up as a combined one (where it simply adds the components together) or a pre-composed one (where it substitutes the character with the proper accent/breathing)?

    I'm not sure on the answer to this. The final character is "one character" so hitting backspace won't eliminate an accent, it will delete the whole character.

    Final sigmas are not automatic. A normal sigma is "s" a final sigma is "w"
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    Default Unicode in BW

    Quote Originally Posted by Michael Hanel View Post
    What Unicode font is it using?
    I'm using BibliaLS but the situation is constant if I use Gentium, Arial unicode or others. Every other program works fine using the Built in windows xp unicode support.
    Curiously a few weeks ago I was able to type accents etc in the window. I can't imagine what has changed since then. I'm a relentless tweaker (bad news I know) but every single program even NOTEPAD.EXE works just fine typing unicode including the accents - just not BW.

    FWIW I've been using unicode for a few years now and i'm quite used to the ALT+left shift shortcut for switching keyboards. I have the Logos and the Polytonic keyboards installed for Greek and neither of them work in BW. I get question marks for every accent or breathing mark I try to type.

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    Default OSK.exe

    One more thing, even if I click using the on screen keyboard (OSK.exe) built into Ms windows xp I get the question marks.

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    Default Why Only "Greek Polytonic" Keyboard?

    Thanks for this info. I finally have the accents working in Unicode Greek in the editor.

    However, I hate the keyboard layout. Every other program I use (Libronix, Nota Bene, etc.) has a better layout. I do not understand why I can use whatever keyboard I want in Office or my browser for instance, but not in the BW7 editor. When I switch to a differnet keyboard (even the Greek, non-polytonic supplied with WindowsXP) the status bar at the bottom of BW says "Unknown" for the keyboard.

    Is there some way to get BW to recognize other keyboards?

    I know the guys at BW do things for a reason. Perhaps it has to do with keeping final character forms consistent. I don't know.

    Can someone "in the know" shed some light on this please?
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    I put in my vote that the Logos keyboard layout is far superior. I am also typing in another window and copying/pasting into Bibleworks.

    Any updates on this?

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    Default Greek keyboard

    Sorry for all the trouble. It is nit clear to me if this problem is resolved now. If there is still a problem please file a bug report. Of course we can't really be responsible for those cases where a 3rd party like Logos does something to make the Windows language bar misbehave. But if the unmodified system Greek keyboard is not working properly with the BW Editor, they we'll fix it as quickly as possible.

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