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Thread: Help! Can't open Metzger's Textual Commentary

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    Default Help! Can't open Metzger's Textual Commentary

    Ok, this is my first post, so please go easy! I've done a search for this and haven't come up with the answer, so here I am asking anyone out there if you could help me out!

    I used BW7 and have been trying to prepare for my NT exams for college. Doing some exegetical exercises and need to comment on textual variants. From the BW7 brochure and product info, Metzger comes with BW7 (is this correct?). But I just can't seem to open it! I keep getting this error message:
    'The resource file c:\program files\bibleworks 7\databases\metzger.chm is not unlocked. You can unlock it by choosing the option "Unlock Database" from the Main Window FILE menu'

    When I go to do just that, Metxger does not appear in the drop down list of databases that can be unlocked! Anyone know how to fix this?

    Also, does anyone know what Program Disc 5 does? It doesn't seem to do anything, and it doesn't run when I insert and clicking autorun does nothing either... confused!

    Thanks for your help in advance!

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    Put disc 1 back in the drive and do a modifcation of your installation to make sure you have Metzger's checked. It may be that it's not installed. If it's not, go ahead and install it.

    Let us know if that is the problem, as you shouldn't be getting a message about it needing to be unlocked.

    Disc 5 contains more databases like the other discs do. If your installation didn't ask for disc 5 then you didn't choose to install any of the databases that are on disc 5.
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