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Thread: CrossOver for Mac with BW6 on Intel Based Macs

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    Default CrossOver for Mac with BW6 on Intel Based Macs

    I was just playing with the new CrossOver for Mac Beta (from CodeWeavers) and trying to get BW6 to run. I'm guessing there aren't many out there who have tried this yet, but would be interested in your experience. So far, I haven't been able to get it to work, but perhaps someone more experienced with Wine could offer some suggestions. The beta trial runs for 60 days and is free. I thought I would go this route first before trying Parallels or BootCamp, esp. because you don't have to pay for Windows!

    Any comments?

    Chris Lent

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    I haven't tried CrossOver, but I use Parallels every day with BibleWorks and Logos, and it works great. It's amazingly fast. I'll be bringing my MacBook Pro to the seminar in Atlanta if anyone wants to check it out.

    Mark Allison

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    Thanks Mark. A few people have commented on how well Parallels has worked, so I may go that route fairly soon. Was setup and install easy?


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    Parallels was a breeze to set up. Everything just works. There are a couple other Windows apps that I like to use, and this allows me to run them at full speed, alongside my Mac apps.

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    OK, I got BW6 to install on CrossOver Mac 6.0 Beta. I don't know how smooth it is to use yet, but I'll report back so we can compare to Parallels and BootCamp. If you want to try, here you go.

    IMPORTANT: Right now I have everything running in a Windows 98 bottle. It is important that EVERYTHING goes into this bottle. Don't create a new bottle for BW.

    DIRECTORY: CrossOver's systems files for a Windows 98 bottle are found here: "user"/library/application support/crossover/bottles/win98/drive_c

    1) When you first install CrossOver, you will need to insert you OSX install CD for an important file. Do not skip this step.

    2) Use the CrossOver menu to install these "Supported Applications." (A) Windows OLE Components 98, (B) Internet Explorer 6 [choose "typcial" install option], (C) CrossOver HTML Engine, (D) MS Word 97 [optional]

    3) Download and install (within CrossOver's menu) these "Unsupported Software" files. (A) Microsoft Data Access Components [from], (B) Windows Installer 1.1 Redistributable for Win 95 and 98 [from Microsoft site].

    4) Find a copy of mfc42.dll online, download it, and move it into your system32 folder following the directory map above.

    5) Copy any desired fonts into ~ bottles/win98/drive_c/windows/fonts

    6) Finally, insert BW6 CD, and make sure (again using the CrossOver Menu) that you install it into the same Win98 bottle. Choose a full install if you can, and include modules like BDAG, HALOT, etc., when given the option.

    Like I said, I have it up and running, though I am still trying to work with some of the fonts and pop-ups.


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    Default BibleWorks 7.0 report on CrossOver for Mac

    I spent all of one Friday evening trying to install BW7 on the latest CrossOver beta.

    I followed all of Chris's steps in the previous post (you can find a similar explanation in the CrossOver for Mac FAQ).

    I got BS7 installed, BUT whenever I tried the initial start-up, the registration dialogue box would pop up; then, regardless of which option that I selected, the program would crash, boom, end of story.

    I should note the following:
    1) no toolbar showed up
    2) the fonts were not as pleasing as a Windows install
    3) the colors were gone (brownish grey)

    So, it's back to BW7 on Parallels.

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    Default Vote for Crossover


    I am thinking about moving to a Mac for my next laptop, and CrossOver seems to be by far the coolest and most fluid solution. But, it seems there are kinks that some people report.

    If you own CrossOver, please vote here on their website for them to support this app!

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