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Thread: Where is Tischendorf?

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    Default Where is Tischendorf?

    Well, I know it.
    "Recources" - "Grammatical References" - Tischendorf

    but I think it is quite hidden and I always forget to use it in BW, but use the rosetta.reltech scanned images instead, still.
    The digital apparatus of Tischendorf is a very significant addition to BW and I don't understand why it is not more prominent?
    • Make it a button!
    • Add it to the right click options!
    • Make it open at the current verse, not Mat 1:1 always!

    Thanks again to Clint Yale for preparing this edition!
    Best wishes
    Wieland Willker, Bremen, Germany
    Textcritical commentary:

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    Don't forget it is also available from the Lexical&Grammatical Resources window (the super-charged Auto-info addition to BW6).

    Any other suggestions on how to make it more prominent?


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    Last year I remember sending in quite a few corrections for the first part of the online (BW) edition of Tischendorf. I didn't get as far as I would have liked, and it's very definitely worth consulting. However, unless a lot more work has been done, I'd keep a close eye on the facsimile.

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