Again, Pasquale has produced an excellent module. This time, he has presented images of the Latin and Greek texts of Codex Bezae (Gregory-Aland no. D or 05). The Wikipedia article on Bezae mentions the following outstanding features:
Matthew 16:2f is present and not marked as doubtful or spurious. The longer ending of Mark is given. Luke 22:43f and Pericope de adultera are present and not marked as spurious or doubtful. John 5:4 is omitted, and the text of Acts is nearly one-tenth longer than the generally received text.
For a transcription of the Greek & Latin text of Bezae for Luke and Acts that notes differences with the NA27 see this French website. An excellent description of Bezae has been provided by Robert Walz. Now BibleWorks users now have images of Alexandrinus, Vaticanus, Sinaiticus, Bezea and the Gospel of Mark in Washingtonius!

As a side note, Wieland Wilker - an avid BibleWorks user - has authored "Codex Bezae and the Da Vinci Code: A textcritical look at the Rennes-le-Chateau hoax." Wilker offers convincing evidence that the fake document is based on a page of Bezae.

Bezae promises to be a very interesting manuscript to study!