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Thread: Convert html to BW (VDC?) format

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    When I try to send you email, I get an "undeliverable" error. Perhaps your inbox is full with you being on vacation

    In any event, I was able to successfully convert several hundred megs of HTML into BW format using VDC. So I am good.

    I ran across two rather nasty bugs in the process and submitted them to the support alias, which I hope they received. I think that the undeliverable error only applied to your alias, so hopefully it got to the right folks.

    Steve MacKenzie
    Steve MacKenzie
    Bellevue, WA

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    Default My email

    Oops! I misspelled my email address. Here is the correct address:

    I think I recall that support did receive something from you. (I'm still on vacation, so I am not quite up on everything yet.)


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